Take your company to ROCKSTAR status with our monthly branding & marketing updates.


You see, it all starts with your brand. Your brand articulates the character, culture, needs and goals of your business. It is the backbone; the glue that fits all the other aspects of your business together. You know what makes your company tick, what makes you stand out in a crowd, what keeps you up at night and what makes you the absolute best choice for your customers. At B&A, we love getting to know the culture of our clients' businesses and crafting customized plans to capture and promote what makes a business special. It's putting your brand, your unique identity and culture, throughout all aspects of your business to differentiate from others so you can reap long-term success and visibility.



Sometimes our clients only need us for certain aspects of their business. Those projects that are just too time consuming and you would rather have someone else get the results for you. We can work with you on one, two or more specific projects. Projects like:

  • Brand design & re-branding
  • Website development & updating
  • Product launch planning & implementation
  • Marketing collateral  
  • Creative campaign project & vendor management

Every client and every project is a bit different. We like to ask big questions that make you think about your business and what you are looking to accomplish. We have a whole team of people we love to work with and create the best for your company, project and goals.


We call them Champagne Thursday Workshops. They are designed to get your creative juices flowing to develop ideas and plans to take your business to the next level and reach those goals you set out to do. Creative brainstorming is great for:

  • Tagline development
  • Creative campaigns & channels distribution
  • Social media marketing strategy & planning
  • Business models & strategic planning 
  • Understanding your target & creating personas
  • Internal branding & communications 
  • Increasing company morale
  • Team building exercise for employees & management

This is just a small list of what can be accomplished for your business through our Champagne Thursday Workshops.

Monthly Upkeep

We work with clients monthly on specific aspects of their business that need ongoing support and maintenance. We have developed a monthly program that includes:

  • Marketing Dashboard with 5 recommendations for goal setting
  • Bi-monthly survey with 5-10 questions asking customers a burning question
  • Two 1-hour consultations to answers questions and give recommendations based on your analytics
  • 15 new social media content messages for brand & creative campaigns
  • Brand consistency check against Guidelines/Standards/Manual
  • Quarterly Champagne Thursday Workshop for creative brainstorming on special campaigns or initiatives


We believe that small businesses can and will change the world through your personal economy and macro economies. Small businesses generate billions of $ and can do great things locally and globally with that monetary power and creative strategic thinking. We are here to help you change that economy through all areas of your business from branding & marketing to business planning. We offer solutions based on research so that your identity is in line with what your customers are seeking and what your business stands for. Our Operations Marketing consulting determines the best way to get your brand in front of the people who are going to love it. So you can do your part in creating a better world and economy.


Let's get your business uncorked and find your business cocktail.

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