Branding the Elephant

Branding isn’t a logo. It isn’t a tagline. It’s a commitment to your customers about who you are and what benefits you deliver. In essence, you’ve made a promise to your customers, and your brand is how you portray your promise to everyone—past, present, and potential clients. A brand is the holistic culture your company lives and promotes from visual symbols to tone of voice, the placement of desks to the attire of the employees, the artwork in your lobby to the philanthropic causes you support. This is exactly how Operations Marketing works. We seamlessly weave this brand throughout every facet of your business so that it becomes personified through your day-to-day operations.

A successful living and breathing brand must be original, convey the mission of the business it represents, and make a memorable and positive connection in the minds of its customers. Is your business ready for a breath of fresh branding? Here’s our approach to making your brand as strong, sturdy, self-confident, and loveable as, well, an elephant.

  • Collaborating with clients to create a brand strategy based on what you do best
  • Creating and designing compelling logos and supporting graphics
  • Educating clients on how to place the brand according to strategy
  • Advising clients on how to integrate the brand into their operations so that the company truly lives the brand, from administration to the CEO
  • Giving clients a detailed brand manual as a company-wide reference for using the brand consistently and effectively

The tools we use to brand a business include: business operations experience and expertise, in-depth consumer market research, and all the intangibles that we kind of pride ourselves on - like listening to our clients and channeling our creativity to help them reach their customers in the best and most successful way. It’s what we’re famous for and it’s what we love. Even more than the circus, and we love the circus.

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