We don’t believe in creating creative just to create it.

Let me go back to the beginning. I always wanted my own business. I was tired of making other people lots of money while I was just… comfortable. In 2008 I was working for a marketing research firm (I love analytics!) and the economy crashed. Hard. And fortune 500s and ad agencies started cutting budgets left and right. I got pulled into an impromptu meeting (also, I was tired of death by meetings) where I was asked, “You’re the MBA here, what do we do to get through this?” Well in a ‘thought’ company people are your biggest asset and expense. Rent is second and unless you are filing bankruptcy you can’t get out of that. So, they decided to let people go and I was NOT one of them. But in the midst of that conversation (that lasted 3 days BTW) I said to the owners, “I have an idea for a company.” And I pitched B&A to them. They said that’s brilliant and we’ll be your first client. AND they are still my client to today.

Fast-forward 5 and half years and here we are. And now I have impromptu meetings. Oh the irony. Luckily, I have those with my best friend, Jenn, whom I went to college with. Backstory - I feel head over heels in love with her at a winery in Italy when she laid her head in my lap and said, “Pet by head.” (and that's not a typo) So now we spend our days mixing and mingling with creative entrepreneurs (interpret that anyway you like. See you are one.) But how many times have you heard a business owner (who is super successful) say, "I don’t do marketing or spend any money on marketing and our budget is zero.”? (FYI, probably one of my biggest pet peeves.) Well, that's not entirely true. They have been marketing just not in the traditional sense. These successful businesses have worked on their story and process and told people about it. That's still marketing! 

We are of the belief that EVERYTHING in your business contributes to marketing. It’s about who you are and why you do what you do and crafting that story around your business into concise communications to consumers. That's why you will see more here than just branding & marketing strategies. We mash all that stuff up and call it Operations Marketing. Kind of like how I like my potatoes.

We are… business owners, creatives, marketers, social media junkies, business advisors, management consultants, therapists, moms, animal lovers (I might be the crazy cat lady), data analysts, leaders, hands to hold and shoulders to cry on. The list could go on and on. But we have a belief - we believe that every small business has a story and a voice. We just push it along to get it heard by the people that matter.

What do you need help with? Cuz, I got a guy.